Improvements and Bug Fixes

new we added a small icon to identify rewards that are added manually. If you hover over it you'll see the team member that created the reward. 

improvement if a reward was denied or approved manually, you can see the date when the manual state change was applied by hovering the mouse over the reward icon:

improvement we added a cancelled customer webhook. It's disabled by default but it can be enabled by request. It works for affiliate postbacks/webhooks as well.

new added cancelled_at field on customers export CSV file

improvement when affiliates change their referral id from their dashboard it will show a more aggressive warning that old links need to be updated otherwise they won't work

fix issue with deleting campaigns earlier than 45 days is fixed

fix sign out error when trial expired is fixed

fix error when going to Quick Setup without creating a campaign is fixed

Improved Campaigns and Promoter Reports and few bug fixes

Even though our users are delighted about our reports feature, one of the best out of all affiliate tracking tools, the one thing they missed was viewing total numbers for the entire date range, not just grouped by period.

We listened and just added that feature today. The totals will also be available to be downloaded as CSV or JSON:

new active_customers_count column also added on promotions export

improvement showing the time when referral became customer, not just the date, on Customers section

fix new accounts without any campaign created won't get an error when trying to get to integration wizard

fix exporting large number of promotions will also be made via email, like promoters export

fix fixed the sign out error when trial expired or users got locked into the billing section

API improvements and bug fixes

new Added a new endpoint to change the campaign of a promoter. You can find more details here.

improvement you can now find promoters in Promoters API endpoints by email as well, using "promoter_email" parameter.

improvement added "currency" parameter in track/sale API endpoint so you can send amounts in different currencies. We'll convert it using daily updated FX rates to the default currency set in your FirstPromoter Settings.

improvement promoters/list API endpoint is much faster now

fix sales could be added manually even though they didn't generate commissions when a wrong plan id was used

fix some number formatting issue in promoters' Details section

fix {{}} tag didn't work on commission earned emails

Two big improvements

Last weekend we pushed two big changes to FirstPromoter:

  • we added bank payouts
  • we revamped the payouts section

Bank payouts

Until last week, the only payout method available to FirstPromoter was Paypal. Even though it’s still the fastest and most convenient payout method, some companies and some affiliates prefer to use bank transfers, especially for larger payouts.

This payout option can be used together with Paypal and can be enabled by campaign(for ex. you can allow bank payouts only for your “VIP affiliates” campaign). If multiple payouts are enabled, affiliates are able to choose themselves from their dashboard how they want to get paid.

To enable the bank payouts go to Campaigns > Edit campaign > Settings tab and click the ‘change’ link on ‘Current payout methods’:

You can also add any payout method to an affiliate from the promoter overview page by scrolling down and clicking the new ‘Payout methods’ tab.

Note: We don’t make the payouts for you, we only collect the bank information(contact us for updated DPA) which you can use later to make the payments. Your bank app or money transfer service like TransferWise might even let you upload a CSV that we provide to process payments in bulk.

If you need other payout methods besides bank transfers and Paypal please contact us, we might add them on the next update.

The new payouts section

The new and improved payouts page gives you a clear view of your payouts and makes it easier to pay your affiliates. On the right side we added a menu that can be used to filter payouts by different payout methods and on top you have a button that lets you download and mark payouts as paid in bulk(for ex. you can download the CSV for Paypal mass payments).

Another great feature is the grouping by promoters. Click on the ‘Group by promoters’ switch on top to group payouts. This will make it easier to view and pay multiple payouts of the same promoter.

Please contact us on Intercom if you have questions or suggestions about these new features.