Wise Bulk payouts and other improvements

new This month we added the option to use Wise.com as a payout method. You'll need a Wise business account and your affiliates any type of Wise accounts. You'll be able to pay to their email address like Paypal does. In both cases the account is free and transfer fees are sometimes cheaper than Paypal.

new There's a new way to move customers from one affiliate to the other. This option won't move the existing commissions to the other affiliate, just new commissions that will be earned by the customer will be assigned to the new affiliate. To use this feature, check "Do not moved earned commission" box on the edit customer form when you want to move a customer under another affiliate.

improvement added the country column on the Pending and Rejected promoters tab

improvement promoter answer for the approval page question is show directly on the Pending promoters tab by hovering over a purple icon near promoter's name.

improvement  added visitor source (from what website the visitor came from) on Customers export file

improvement added social handles on promoters export file

Improvements and Bug Fixes

new we added a small icon to identify rewards that are added manually. If you hover over it you'll see the team member that created the reward. 

improvement if a reward was denied or approved manually, you can see the date when the manual state change was applied by hovering the mouse over the reward icon:

improvement we added a cancelled customer webhook. It's disabled by default but it can be enabled by request. It works for affiliate postbacks/webhooks as well.

new added cancelled_at field on customers export CSV file

improvement when affiliates change their referral id from their dashboard it will show a more aggressive warning that old links need to be updated otherwise they won't work

fix issue with deleting campaigns earlier than 45 days is fixed

fix sign out error when trial expired is fixed

fix error when going to Quick Setup without creating a campaign is fixed

Improved Campaigns and Promoter Reports and few bug fixes

Even though our users are delighted about our reports feature, one of the best out of all affiliate tracking tools, the one thing they missed was viewing total numbers for the entire date range, not just grouped by period.

We listened and just added that feature today. The totals will also be available to be downloaded as CSV or JSON:

new active_customers_count column also added on promotions export

improvement showing the time when referral became customer, not just the date, on Customers section

fix new accounts without any campaign created won't get an error when trying to get to integration wizard

fix exporting large number of promotions will also be made via email, like promoters export

fix fixed the sign out error when trial expired or users got locked into the billing section

A new integration wizard and a few bug fixes

fix VAT validation for UK companies it's now fixed.

fix Companies that have a large number of promoters won't get an error when trying to export the promoters. The export will be processed in the background and when it's finished, they will get an email with a temporary download link.

fix the cache of the email counter caused some issues for some new accounts, showing a wrong count in the "Sent" column. We identified the problem and fixed it.

new Last week we launched a wizard that helps new users integrate FirstPromoter much easier with their websites. It has a simple step by step approach with new pre-made scripts and more examples for custom integrations that require a developer. 

Only users that signed up for a trial after 31st March 2021 have access to it. If you're an older user and want to try it out, please contact us.

Stripe Promotion Code tracking and few other improvements

new It's now possible to use Stripe's customer facing promotion codes for affiliate tracking. Until last week, you could only use the Stripe Coupon Code ID for tracking, which is different than the promotion codes. If you already use coupon code tracking you don't have to change anything in your setup.

Now you'll see another field below the "Tracking coupon code" field, where you can enter the Promotion Code. Since promotion codes are a subset of coupons in Stripe, you'll still need to enter the Stripe Coupon id on "Tracking coupon code" field as before.

new active_customers_count field on API responses and webhooks payload. It represents the paying(non-cancelled) customers. Very helpful on adjusting commission for custom referral programs dependent on the active number of customers a promoter has.

new created_at parameter for cancellation and refund tracking API calls

new added "Blocked" tab on promoters page to see promoters that were banned/blocked 

improvement faster API loading times for accounts with a big amount of data

improvement direct url tracking now works even if you forgot to add "www" in front of the url inserted on "Landing page url" field while the actual page loads with "www".

fix fixed the error on hosted affiliate terms preview

Script update for ClickFunnels users

Due to the recent changes on Apple iOS 14, iPhone and iPad users that are using Safari may encounter tracking issues with the current ClickFunnels script. 

For most of our ClickFunnels customers this subset of users is very small so it may not affect your affiliate program performance by much, but it's still recommended to replace your old checkout / optin script with this new one for better accuracy. 

Note that only the script on the checkout page must be updated, not the visitor - global tracking script. If you need help with the update please contact us via live-chat.

This is the new script:

 function set_fprom(){
    $(document).on('mousedown touchstart','a[href="#submit-form"],a[href="#submit-form-2step"],img[imagelink="#submit-form"]', function(){
            email: $('input[name="email"].elInput').val(),
            event_id: new Date().valueOf().toString()

if (window.attachEvent){
  window.attachEvent('onload', set_fprom);
  window.addEventListener('load', set_fprom, false);

Direct integration with Ghost

We're happy to announce that Ghost.org Team integrated FirstPromoter with their awesome publishing platform. The integration is so easy that you just need to copy some id from our Settings page and paste it into their FirstPromoter integration page.

You can find more details about it here. Kym from Ghost also wrote a great piece about referral programs for newsletter businesses that you can check out.

New Fraud Protection Features

Affiliate fraud is real and one of the ugly parts of affiliate marketing. FirstPromoter already has built-in protection against fraud, like generating rewards only when the sale is confirmed on the billing provider, automatic refund tracking or self-referral detection.

However, some companies, because of their industry and type of affiliates that register on their program, have to deal with multiple fraud attempts. To help them out more, we launched 2 new features to increase protection against chargeback fraud and self-referrals. The new features can be found under Settings > Fraud protection tab.

new Require a minimum number of paying customers to generate the payout

This feature almost completely avoids self-referral fraud, where an affiliate signs up from their own referral link to get a commission from their own purchase. The affiliate will need to subscribe at least one other user (or higher, depends on the number you set) to get paid. The users must not be cancelled, they need to be active, paying customers for the payout to be generated.

This also helps around other types of fraud because it becomes harder for the fraudster to create multiple accounts and keep them subscribed.

new Require manual approval for commissions above an amount

On most cases of chargeback fraud, where the affiliate asks for a chargeback after a while or uses stolen credit cards and the bank issues a chargeback, the fraudster subscribes to the high tier/annual plans or makes expensive purchases to receive high commissions. With this feature, you can keep higher commissions as pending until you verify if the customer is a real user (ex. has activity inside your application, has a real email, etc).

Even with these features enabled, the best measure is to manually review and verify each affiliate when they sign up to your program. If some bad actors slip in, you'll have another round of defense against them.

Multiple Webhooks and New API Endpoints

improvement We now support multiple webhook URLs per campaign. This feature lets you handle multiple Zapier triggers or advanced webhooks integrations. You can add up to 3 webhook URLs per campaign.

new We released two new API endpoints to help you manage and automate custom payouts. 

You can now list all your payouts and also change their status to something else - for ex. you can mark the payout as paid (completed status) after your payout provider finishes the payout. More details here.

new There's a new API endpoint to list available commissions/rewards of a promotion, promoter, campaign or the entire account. More info here.

Some other changes:

new you can switch between Stripe test and live mode from Getting Started > Quick setup section (while you are disconnected). You can also see in what mode you're currently connected on.

new added sub-id field on affiliate dashboard rewards export file

new added W8-BEN and W9 download urls on Promoters API response objects

improvement api/v1/leads/list API call is 3 times faster

fix some CSS layout issues on smaller screens

fix W8-BEN/W9 form is also shown in the preview from Campaigns > Configure promoter dashboard if it's activated. Before that, the form was hidden on preview mode.

A few updates including multiple emails notifications

new you can now send notifications about new referred customers, new promoters, etc to more than one email 

Go to Settings > Email & Notifications tab > click "Add another email" to add more emails.

new there's a new API endpoint that you can use to update the status of a reward or commission. Check it here.

improvement we removed the event_id requirement from signup tracking API call

improvement Stripe coupon codes can be optionally tracked using their name instead of their id (please contact us to enable this option)

fix search field removes any leading and trailing spaces

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