Some new features

We added a few little features to FirstPromoter that will help some of you quite a bit:

new We added Address and EU VAT id field on the affiliate signup form. The VAT ID field verifies the VAT using VIES. This is the first public step towards automated invoice generation for EU customers. Since you have these fields on the CSV export and the API, you can set something up to automate invoice generation right now.

new You can move/switch a customer or lead from a promoter to another promoter. Normally this should happen rarely, but when it happens you can use this feature to move all commissions and events of a customer or lead to another promoter. Edit the lead/customer and click "Show advanced options"

new  Remove self-referral mark from customers that were marked as suspicious because the affiliate used his/her own referral link to sign them up. This happens often for consultants that sign up clients using their own referral link and don't have yet the lead form enabled.

new Affiliate address it's added now on Bank payouts export. Transferwise and some banks require for some countries to fill the address of the receiver.

New recurring commission scheme

Now you can set up more advanced rewards like "First 3 months 40% then 20% recurring commissions" or "First 12 months $100 then $50 each month".

Before that, you could set up a different commission only for the first charge, now you can set for first x charges a different commission than the remaining ones.

When you create a new reward, click on "Show recurring commission options" to be able to set up the commission the first charges.

W-9/W-8BEN tax form collection

This weekend we launched tax form collection feature for our US customers. As a US company, you'll be able to ask your affiliates to upload the W-9 or W-8BEN tax forms. 

This feature is not enabled by default, you need to enable it from Settings page (click the top-right button) > Others tab.

Once enabled, affiliates will have on their dashboard, right above the referral link, a section asking to upload those documents, like in the image below:

Both title and description can be modified from Campaigns > campaign menu > Configure promoter dashboard > W-9/W-8BEN upload section.

Link to uploaded documents are available on the promoter page (after clicking the promoter name) on 'View more details' link on top-right panel. They are also available when you export the promoters by CSV.

Promoters that don't have the documents uploaded will have a small warning icon next to their name on Payouts section so you can avoid paying them (if that's required), like in the image below:

If you want to speed up the process for current affiliates, we recommend to send them an email to let them know they can upload the documents on their dashboard.

Direct Paypal Payouts are live !

We're happy to announce that we released one of the most requested feature - to pay affiliates directly from FirstPromoter dashboard. You don't have to log in to Paypal, upload CSV files or mark payouts as completed, it's all automated !

Once you finish the integration with Paypal Payouts, you'll be able to pay your affiliates automatically after clicking the 'Pay now' button on Payouts section. Click here for more details.

reCaptcha on promoters sign up forms

Today we introduced the option to add Google reCaptcha V2 to all promoter sign up pages to help you prevent or stop any spam or fake sign ups to your affiliate program.

The feature is not enabled by default to not create potential friction on the signup process, but you can enable it by going to Settings > Others section. Make sure you click Save. Depending on the results we’ll have, we might enable it later for everyone.

We also added an option to randomize the referral ids generated when promoters sign up. By default the referral ids are personalized using affiliate first name and a random 2 digit number. This setting can be turned on from Settings > Others section.

Added Bitcoin payout method

Thanks to the last major update, it’s much easier for us to add different payout methods. Today we added the first Crypto payout method in Bitcoin that will collect and validate the Bitcoin wallet of your affiliates.

This can be enabled from Campaigns > menu > Edit campaign > Settings tab > click ‘change’ on the current payout method label and enable “Crypto (Bitcoin)” then save the campaign.

What other payout methods would you like to see inside FirstPromoter? Please tell us on Intercom live-chat widget.

Two big improvements

Last weekend we pushed two big changes to FirstPromoter:

  • we added bank payouts
  • we revamped the payouts section

Bank payouts

Until last week, the only payout method available to FirstPromoter was Paypal. Even though it’s still the fastest and most convenient payout method, some companies and some affiliates prefer to use bank transfers, especially for larger payouts.

This payout option can be used together with Paypal and can be enabled by campaign(for ex. you can allow bank payouts only for your “VIP affiliates” campaign). If multiple payouts are enabled, affiliates are able to choose themselves from their dashboard how they want to get paid.

To enable the bank payouts go to Campaigns > Edit campaign > Settings tab and click the ‘change’ link on ‘Current payout methods’:

You can also add any payout method to an affiliate from the promoter overview page by scrolling down and clicking the new ‘Payout methods’ tab.

Note: We don’t make the payouts for you, we only collect the bank information(contact us for updated DPA) which you can use later to make the payments. Your bank app or money transfer service like TransferWise might even let you upload a CSV that we provide to process payments in bulk.

If you need other payout methods besides bank transfers and Paypal please contact us, we might add them on the next update.

The new payouts section

The new and improved payouts page gives you a clear view of your payouts and makes it easier to pay your affiliates. On the right side we added a menu that can be used to filter payouts by different payout methods and on top you have a button that lets you download and mark payouts as paid in bulk(for ex. you can download the CSV for Paypal mass payments).

Another great feature is the grouping by promoters. Click on the ‘Group by promoters’ switch on top to group payouts. This will make it easier to view and pay multiple payouts of the same promoter.

Please contact us on Intercom if you have questions or suggestions about these new features.

Custom email sending domain and SMTP server available for Business plans

Setting your own “From” email address and using your own SMTP server can now be used for Bussiness plans as well, not just Enterprise.

Click here to learn more about it.

Use your own email sending domain and SMTP server

We just released the option to send emails to promoters from your own email server and to use your own sending domain(and personalize the “From” address).

Click here to see how to set it up.

If you have questions or encounter any issues, please let us know.

Improvements to the affiliates' lead form

Two weeks ago we added a highly requested feature that allows affiliates to manually submit leads from their own dashboard.

Based on the feedback we received from you, we added a few more functionalities:

  • you’ll get notified by email when a new lead is submitted by the affiliate from their dashboard. It’s enabled by default, but it can be disabled from Settings > Notifications.
  • you can disable/enable the leads form for certain affiliates on a campaign from Promotions > Edit promotion > Advanced tab > “Allow promoter to add leads manually from their dashboard” field.
  • you can change the title and set up a HTML description for the lead form from Campaigns > Configure promoter dashboard > “Leads Form settings” section
  • while we don’t allow custom fields on the lead form due to GDPR, we can enable a “Website” field so affiliates can submit lead’s website url together with the email. A new column called “Website” will appear on Leads section. This feature can be enabled only by request.
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