Affiliate Agreements Management

new We just released a feature that allows you to manage much better your affiliate agreements like affiliate terms and conditions. You can now:

  • host affiliate terms & conditions inside FirstPromoter
  • ask affiliates to re-agree if the agreement content is modified
  • ask affiliates added by API or Zapier to agree to the agreement
  • have a clear view of whom, when and what (we store each agreement version)  was agreed to for each affiliate. A must have in case of audits or legal issues.
  • assign an agreement to multiple campaigns
  • assign an agreement to specific affiliates in case you set up custom terms for them

Current users that have affiliate terms and conditions set in the old way are not affected by this change, but we still recommend to add their agreements again using the new feature. The previous feature didn't have a way to record the agreement version and the date when the affiliate agreed.

When you add or update an agreement for an existing campaign with affiliates, it won't send emails, it will just ask the affiliate when they log in back to review the new agreement and check the "I agree" checkbox before giving access to the dashboard.

To learn more about this feature, click here.