Duplicate Campaigns, Email Masking and More

We have some new features for you.

new Campaign duplication
Very useful when you want to create a copy of another campaign with the same configuration, dashboard settings and email content. You can duplicate a campaign by going to Campaigns > open the campaign menu > Advanced > Duplicate campaign.

improvement Leads page on affiliate dashboard is called now "Referrals"
"Leads" name was quite confusing for affiliates, especially since that section shows both customers and leads (non-converted users). 

new Masking email option for "Referrals" (former "Leads" page) section
Many companies kept the "Leads" page hidden because it exposed the user emails. That page shows helpful information to the affiliate about the referral status and when they converted. We think companies should be able to make this section visible to everyone without being concerned about privacy.

If your Leads page is already visible and you want to mask the emails, go to Campaigns > Configure promoter dashboard > check "Mask referrals emails" and Save.

new  Search field for referrals page on the affiliate dashboard
We got many requests from those of you running partners programs where partners are highly involved in the sale process to add a search box in the former "Leads" page. We just added it - your partners need to click the "search" link. Note: this feature is available only for campaigns where email masking is disabled.