FirstPromoter 2.0 upcoming launch

After more than a year of development, we're very close to launching the 2.0 version of FirstPromoter. The public beta version will be launched on August 15th while the private beta will start in June with a few selected customers. Since the new version is practically a new application on the frontend, we need a bit more time for bug fixing and polishing. We have postponed the public beta until the end of the year.

The new 2.0 version will introduce some exciting changes, such as a revamped, modern UI, new powerful features and improved performance.

If you're currently a Business plan customer or above, you're eligible to get access to our private beta. If you're interested, please enter " I'm in " and the FirstPromoter subdomain of your account on the "Send us your feedback" box below. We'll be selecting a limited number of accounts depending on what features are being used and the longevity of the subscription.