Improvements and bug fixes

new The original super admin of an account can create / set other super admins.

improvement If you're embedding our affiliate dashboard and auto log in promoters into the dashboard, you can pass the user sign in IP to improve fraud detection.  

improvement Super admins can now delete or reset campaigns without contacting us, but they first need to remove all promoters from the campaign. Note that both reset and campaign deletion option removes the data permanently and we can't restore it.

improvement The note of custom rewards created manually is shown now on the Rewards section. If you hover the cursor over the note icon it will show the note content.

improvement you can now search by lead/customer "uid" in Rewards section, not just email

fix  we updated the direct url tracking script shown on the UI when you enable direct url tracking. New customers had some issues with that script, but now it's solved.

fix fixed website url field validation on promoters signup page

fix when resetting or deleting campaigns, could happen that the balance for promoters on those campaigns to not be cleared completely. This is fixed now.

fix when deleting a campaign some promoters may look like they disappeared.  They are now shown in Promoters > Others tab.