Multiple Webhooks and New API Endpoints

improvement We now support multiple webhook URLs per campaign. This feature lets you handle multiple Zapier triggers or advanced webhooks integrations. You can add up to 3 webhook URLs per campaign.

new We released two new API endpoints to help you manage and automate custom payouts. 

You can now list all your payouts and also change their status to something else - for ex. you can mark the payout as paid (completed status) after your payout provider finishes the payout. More details here.

new There's a new API endpoint to list available commissions/rewards of a promotion, promoter, campaign or the entire account. More info here.

Some other changes:

new you can switch between Stripe test and live mode from Getting Started > Quick setup section (while you are disconnected). You can also see in what mode you're currently connected on.

new added sub-id field on affiliate dashboard rewards export file

new added W8-BEN and W9 download urls on Promoters API response objects

improvement api/v1/leads/list API call is 3 times faster

fix some CSS layout issues on smaller screens

fix W8-BEN/W9 form is also shown in the preview from Campaigns > Configure promoter dashboard if it's activated. Before that, the form was hidden on preview mode.