New features and the upcoming 2.0 version of FirstPromoter

🌟 FirstPromoter 2.0 (soon)

We have an exciting announcement to make. In a few months, we'll be launching the 2.0 version of FirstPromoter! We'll give more details on a future post, but what we can tell you right now is that FirstPromoter 2.0 will be amazing - a beautiful UI, smooth user experience for both affiliates and companies and awesome new features.

New features (current version)

new Payouts Export. You can got to Payouts section and select a month or click "View all payouts" and you'll see on top right a small download icon. Clicking on it will download the payouts for the selected status.

new Expire leads or cancelled customers. We can set a flag on your account that will tell FirstPromoter to expire leads that not converted after x days or cancelled customers that haven't been reactivated after y days. 

Expired leads or customers don't generate any commissions and can be reclaimed by other affiliates, basically is like they have never been tracked. If you want this option activated, please contact us throw the live chat widget.

new New API endpoint to create payouts. You can now use the API to generate payouts for a specified amount or for the entire unpaid amount. More details here.

new Assign parent promoter to a promoter. Since large number of affiliates can cause some UI loading issues when assigning sub-affiliates, there's now another way of assigning sub-affiliates. 

You click on promoter name > Edit profile > Details and scroll down, you'll see a new field called "Parent promoter email". You can use that field to append a parent to that promoter.

improvement Added campaign name for leads and customers export

improvement added cancelled_at and source fields on Leads API response

improvement added parent_promoter_id on Promoters API

improvement if your payout provider requires recipient address for payments, please contact us and we'll enable address collection for bank payouts