New year, new improvements!

First of all we want to wish you a Happy New Year, full of success and prosperity. 

The new year brings some new features and improvements to FirstPromoter:

new Added 3 new direct integrations on our personalized integration wizard:
Kajabi, ThriveCart and SamCart

new You can now disable access to the promoter dashboard until the promoter selects a payout method. 

This is hugely helpful and will be enabled by default for the new FirstPromoter customers. Many times payouts were not generated and our users couldn't pay the affiliates because they haven't added a payout method. 

You can enable it from Campaigns > Configure promoter dashboard > Don't allow access to the dashboard until a payout method is selected. 
Make sure you hit Save after that :)

improvement Better reports CSV export. Before this, if you wanted to download a Promoters or Campaigns report in CSV format, it asked you to select a single data point (column) for downloading. Now you can select any data point available. More info here.

improvement We're showing now the connected Stripe account ID on Stripe integration page (Settings > View integrations > Stripe). This should help our users to figure out faster what accounts have connected with FirstPromoter.

In Stripe the account id can be found on Stripe > Settings > Account details (inside Business settings category) > Top right corner.

fix fixed some validation error for International Bank account payout method

fix fixed SMTP connection issues for a small number of edge cases

fix fixed some URL validation issues for Multiple referral links feature

Other changes:

  • we won't support non-monetary rewards (credits, free months, points, etc) for Starter and Business plans anymore, only Enterprise ones. Old accounts are not affected, this is applied only for new accounts starting from January 1st, 2022.
  • renamed "New website" option to "New sub-account"
  • better clarified when to use sub-accounts or add new links to existing campaigns in case of different domains. More info here.