Refund fraud detection

new We just released a much requested feature by many of our customers regarding fraud detection.

Refund and chargeback fraud happens when affiliates sign up fake customers with stolen or virtual cards, wait for you to pay them then the bank or themselves ask for a refund, remaining with the paid commissions.

This new feature helps detecting much easier this type of fraud by showing you the affiliates that have a high refund rate. The refund rate threshold is set at a conservative default of 25%, calculated by the number of refunded customers and total customers. This will spot affiliates that have at least 1 refunded customer for every 4 customers they referred.

You should adjust the threshold based on your own billing behavior. For ex. if you're doing initial charges to validate a credit card, FirstPromoter will track the refunds that happens in the process so your perceived refund rate will be higher.

Suspicious affiliates will appear on Promoters section on Suspicious tab. The data is refreshed every 20 minutes so the first time you enable it please wait 20 minutes to fill up.

Note that if an affiliate is suspicious, doesn't necessary mean they're a fraudster, you still need to verify their account first and check what referrals they made.

By the way, if you're wondering why our updates pace is a bit slow, that's because we're focusing a big part of our resources on the new UI of FirstPromoter which will be finished very soon.