Script update for ClickFunnels users

Due to the recent changes on Apple iOS 14, iPhone and iPad users that are using Safari may encounter tracking issues with the current ClickFunnels script. 

For most of our ClickFunnels customers this subset of users is very small so it may not affect your affiliate program performance by much, but it's still recommended to replace your old checkout / optin script with this new one for better accuracy. 

Note that only the script on the checkout page must be updated, not the visitor - global tracking script. If you need help with the update please contact us via live-chat.

This is the new script:

 function set_fprom(){
    $(document).on('mousedown touchstart','a[href="#submit-form"],a[href="#submit-form-2step"],img[imagelink="#submit-form"]', function(){
            email: $('input[name="email"].elInput').val(),
            event_id: new Date().valueOf().toString()

if (window.attachEvent){
  window.attachEvent('onload', set_fprom);
  window.addEventListener('load', set_fprom, false);