Some new features

We added a few little features to FirstPromoter that will help some of you quite a bit:

new We added Address and EU VAT id field on the affiliate signup form. The VAT ID field verifies the VAT using VIES. This is the first public step towards automated invoice generation for EU customers. Since you have these fields on the CSV export and the API, you can set something up to automate invoice generation right now.

new You can move/switch a customer or lead from a promoter to another promoter. Normally this should happen rarely, but when it happens you can use this feature to move all commissions and events of a customer or lead to another promoter. Edit the lead/customer and click "Show advanced options"

new  Remove self-referral mark from customers that were marked as suspicious because the affiliate used his/her own referral link to sign them up. This happens often for consultants that sign up clients using their own referral link and don't have yet the lead form enabled.

new Affiliate address it's added now on Bank payouts export. Transferwise and some banks require for some countries to fill the address of the receiver.