Stripe Promotion Code tracking and few other improvements

new It's now possible to use Stripe's customer facing promotion codes for affiliate tracking. Until last week, you could only use the Stripe Coupon Code ID for tracking, which is different than the promotion codes. If you already use coupon code tracking you don't have to change anything in your setup.

Now you'll see another field below the "Tracking coupon code" field, where you can enter the Promotion Code. Since promotion codes are a subset of coupons in Stripe, you'll still need to enter the Stripe Coupon id on "Tracking coupon code" field as before.

new active_customers_count field on API responses and webhooks payload. It represents the paying(non-cancelled) customers. Very helpful on adjusting commission for custom referral programs dependent on the active number of customers a promoter has.

new created_at parameter for cancellation and refund tracking API calls

new added "Blocked" tab on promoters page to see promoters that were banned/blocked 

improvement faster API loading times for accounts with a big amount of data

improvement direct url tracking now works even if you forgot to add "www" in front of the url inserted on "Landing page url" field while the actual page loads with "www".

fix fixed the error on hosted affiliate terms preview