Stripe Test Mode switch

We released an option to enable Stripe Test mode integration for users that want to test more their setup before going live.

Even though it's not required and you can easily test with a single live transaction, some users have more complex integrations using webhooks or API that requires multiple Stripe charges being made.

Note that it doesn't work for the same account, to have 2 stripe integrations, one live and one in test mode. You need to either disconnect the live one to connect the test one (careful here because live tracking will stop working) OR have a Business or Enterprise plans that gives you a second free account which you can use for testing.

To enable test mode go to Settings (button on top-right) > Integrations tab > View integrations > Stripe > Switch to "Enable test mode" > Save then click "Connect". If you don't see the switch it means you are already connected to Stripe and you need to disconnect it first.