Wise Bulk payouts and other improvements

new This month we added the option to use Wise.com as a payout method. You'll need a Wise business account and your affiliates any type of Wise accounts. You'll be able to pay to their email address like Paypal does. In both cases the account is free and transfer fees are sometimes cheaper than Paypal.

new There's a new way to move customers from one affiliate to the other. This option won't move the existing commissions to the other affiliate, just new commissions that will be earned by the customer will be assigned to the new affiliate. To use this feature, check "Do not moved earned commission" box on the edit customer form when you want to move a customer under another affiliate.

improvement added the country column on the Pending and Rejected promoters tab

improvement promoter answer for the approval page question is show directly on the Pending promoters tab by hovering over a purple icon near promoter's name.

improvement  added visitor source (from what website the visitor came from) on Customers export file

improvement added social handles on promoters export file