We started working on a martketplace

Finding high quality affiliates might be the biggest pain point regarding affiliate programs.

We’re going to try fixing this(at least partially) for our customers by launching some kind of private network/marketplace, totally different from what you’re used to. A different approach is required because current affiliate marketplaces don’t work well for SaaS companies.

We can’t say much right now, just that:

  • you’ll still be able to keep the affiliate program private if you want
  • your competitors won’t have access to the affiliates that you bring to the marketplace like current marketplaces do
  • partnerships and relationships will still count a lot, but most of the process will be automated

When it’s ready, it will be released to a selection of customers and if the initial results are promising, we’ll launch it to everyone. We can’t guarantee anything right now, but we’re very confident about it.

New API endpoints

We just added two new API calls that should help our users setting up a deeper integration with FirstPromoter.

The first call lists all promoters accepted on a given campaign or entire account and the second one lists all leads and customers for a given promotion, promoter, campaign or the entire account.

The new "How would you promote our product?" field

Many customers requested a field where they can ask affiliates how they plan to promote their products as a way to filter out affiliates that are not a good fit.

We just added this feature and we think it will be very helpful. The field will appear on the pending approval page(which also means that will be available only if you have disabled “Auto approve new promoters” flag on the campaign).

It looks like this:

To enable this, go to Campaigns > Configure promoter dashboard > Signup page tab and check “Ask for promotion details (on promoter pending approval page)” on “Required fields” section.

If you scroll down on the same page, on “Pending approval page” section you can preview the page and change the question format.

You’ll be able to see the submitted information on the promoter’s overview page, while the promoter is pending your approval:

Impersonate affiliates

You can quickly log in to your affiliates dashboard and see exactly what they see. You can also apply changes to their profile from their dashboard.

To use this feature, go to the promoter overview page (by clicking on the promoter’s name) then right click the icon near their name and open in incognito window:

Multi-level rewards scheme

One of the most awaited feature has been released! Now you can set up a multi-levels commission structure for affiliates like:

  • for first 20 referred customers affiliates get 20% commission
  • for 21-50 referred customers affiliates get 25% commission
  • over 50 get 30% commission and so on

More details here.

A few fixes and improvements

  • added stats info(visitors, leads, customers count and revenue generated) on promoters/show API call
  • pending payouts that have a negative balance due to refunds can be fixed now by simply clicking on the warning icon - it will adjust the amount to include the latest refunds
  • added “copy link” button on referral links for promoters overview page
  • fixed “New campaign” button visibility for Business plans and up
  • fixed the due date for some payouts. Some of them had the date set one day later
  • fixed “Block/ban” button
  • fixed navigation menu on mobile view

Custom email template

Business and Enterprise customers can now use their own email footer, header and HTML email template that will fully match their brand.

To activate this feature, go to Emails and click “Custom email template” button on top.

A few bug fixes

  • sometimes the promoter wasn’t deleted completely when “Remove” button from promoter menu was used. This bug is fixed now.
  • the new feature with denied rewards deletion had an issue on some edge cases and was fixed.
  • since the last week’s major update, promoters added through the admin dashboard didn’t get the email. This was fixed with the latest release.
  • Business accounts and up had some issues creating new websites. This issue is solved now.
  • [Improvement] when a customer that generated multiple commissions was deleted, commissions required manual removal...now all commissions will be deleted and balances will be update accordingly.

Denied rewards can now be deleted

You can now delete rewards/commissions that have been denied by clicking the “X” near the “Approve” button on reward/commission rows. Deleting the reward will also delete the event associated with it, which means it will decrease the revenue, MRR and customer will turn back into a lead if there aren’t any other sales registered.

Major update to FirstPromoter

The update we’ve been working on for the last 3 months is finally up. Here are the major improvements:

  • FirstPromoter becomes the first platform that allows you to ramp up your affiliate program much faster by building partnerships with other companies and cross-promote your affiliate programs. Basically you’ll be able to share affiliates with each other. Ping us on Intercom for more details.
  • A promoter can now run multiple campaigns at once, having a different promotion(and referral link) for each campaign. You can batch invite/add/remove or move promoters between campaigns.
  • Many users ask if FirstPromoter has a one-time email option to send them notification about offers/deals. With the new multi-campaigns feature you can create campaigns for those special offers/deals to track them separately and you can invite existing promoters to join the campaigns by email. By default, the “Promoter invite” email is disabled...you can go to Emails section to edit and enable it.
  • You can assign managers to campaigns and reward them by the performance of the campaign(for ex. 5-10% from the net revenue generated by the campaign)
  • We added private campaigns feature. Now you can create campaigns for webinars and other events and invite only specific affiliates. Private campaigns don’t have an url for promoters to sign up on.
  • You can restrict team member access to certain campaigns.
  • You can set cookies length for each campaign.
  • Campaign creation/editing is more clean/less confusing now.
  • Super Admin can now delete campaigns from the UI.
  • Campaigns page has been redone to get a better view of your campaigns.
  • You don’t have to manually generate pending payouts anymore. Now you are able set your own payout terms(Monthly/Net-15, Net-30,etc). We’ll also notify you when the payouts are due. Learn more
  • Promoter overview page has been improved.
  • We added multiple options on the Settings page, now you are able to enable/disable certain notification types or change the reply-to email.
  • You can set up a fav-icon and meta tags for your affiliate sign up pages
  • We added a new admin user role called Admin Plus.
  • Added 2 new reward sources for multi-tier commissions. Besides the % from affiliate earnings, now you can set a % from affiliate revenue or affiliate net revenue(after commission is subtracted).